June 8, 2019


Hands on Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures lab

Open to Practicing Physicians as well as Fellows and Residents


Fun Bus Shuttle

CalSIPP will be providing transportation to and from the San Francisco Airport Doubletree hotel to the UCSF, San Francisco for our June 8th Lab. This is a fun, exciting opportunity to present your

product information to a “captive” audience! Shuttle rides are approximately 30 minutes and will be provided for the morning drive from the hotel to the lab and the afternoon from the lab back to the hotel. Your company can select to sponsor the morning drive or the afternoon drive. Promotional materials can be provided and presentations can be done on the fun shuttle ride to and from the hotel and lab. Make your trip to the lab the most fun of the day … or make the ride home the most memorable presentation of the day!

Lectures Included:

Fundamental procedural aspects for spinal cord stimulation, dorsal root ganglion stimulation and peripheral nerve stimulation, while also providing nuanced technical skills that has been derived from years of clinical experience from our esteemed faculty.

Moreover, the faculty will impart important clinical knowledge for spinal cord stimulation and peripheral nerve stimulation as it pertains to:

  1. Patient selection
  2. Overview of conventional stimulation
  3. Overview of high frequency stimulation
  4. Overview of DRG stimulation
  5. Overview of Burst Stimulation
  6. Overview of peripheral nerve stimulation selection and targets
  7. Panel discussion regarding device selection
  8. Panel discussion regarding management of SCS/PNS: anticoagulation, infection, following up, and reprogramming
  9. Suturing, suturing selection, knot tying.

Faculty Presenters:

UC Davis

Samir Sheth, MD


Lawrence Poree, MD


Micheal Leong, MD
Vafi Salmasi, MD

Private Practice

Jason E. Pope, MD
Eric Lee, MD
Kasra Amirdelfan, MD
Ruben Kalra, MD
Ramana K. Naidu, MD
Gary Chang, MD